Mobile App Feedback Button

With almost everyone having a mobile or smartphone these days that they use to browse the Internet and search for information online, it is important to tap into this fast growing clientele.

With Loopround, you can easily integrate an app feedback button with your app without using complex code and programming languages.

From your visitors’ point of view, a single click submission would encourage them to come forth and share their feedback or point out problems, unlike long forms that need login or registration.

Do You Really Need It?

Yes, you do! Especially if you need to win your visitor’s confidence by showing you take their feedback seriously and act upon it.

From giving you useful insights into what works and what doesn’t with respect to your products/solutions and the troubles customers/visitors face while registering/buying from you, to small glitches in the app that have escaped your in-house testing team, you can solve these problems by simply embedding an app feedback button and tapping almost every purse and wallet that has a mobile or a smartphone device.

What Makes Loopround the Ideal Choice?

With Loopround, you won’t miss feedback, ever. Also, you no longer need to worry about feedback lying buried in stacks that is hardly acted upon. With every feedback loop having its own feedback form, any feedback submitted will get posted to your loop’s inbox automatically, in real time.

You can then create a to-do list by segregating such feedback into actionable tasks by using your “Do Now” or “Do Later” tabs. Even those unwanted/old/irrelevant feedback items can be archived so that you can pull them out and take action at a later date, if needed.

Get Informed About Every Feedback

Since every feedback posted will be delivered to the loop’s inbox, accompanied by automatic email notifications, you will always know who’s telling what and stay informed. This way, you can tag your feedback and tasks to streamline your work process and resolve issues quickly by acting on interesting suggestions/useful feedback.

This will eventually help your brand build a customer-friendly image by showing how every feedback/suggestion is acted upon to make user-experience better and more efficient.

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