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Starting from knowing what your visitors feel about your products/services and getting useful insights into what they need you to offer, to identifying their peeve-points, you can do a lot with the feedback you collect on your website.

By putting Loopround's feedback button on your website or app, you can now get more feedback from your website visitors.

Advantages of Having the Feedback Button

Show you care

By putting a feedback button on your site, you show you care about what people think.

It allows the visitors to share their thoughts or problem they encounter on your website, knowing that the input will be given credence and s/he will get a quick response.

Get Notified about problems

Your website visitors are usually very fragile, who are likely to leave at the first instance of a glitch. What’s worse, you’ll never know the problem.

Despite regular testing, some bugs or problems may escape your eye.

With a feedback button, you can encourage visitors to notify you about the problems they encounter.

Be it broken links, malfunctioning of the site on a particular browser or mobile platform, you will get notified.

Conduct Quick Surveys

Assess what your target clientele needs but is yet to get, what they like/dislike about your site and other such questions can be easily asked in the form of survey questions. For such surveys, feedback buttons can serve as an effective tool.

What You Can Do with Loopround

Get Feedback From Different Groups

Be it your website visitors, customers or staff, you can now create a feedback loop for your website (or app/product/service) to get every response pushed right away into your inbox. You can then collaborate with your team members on such feedback immediately.

Act In Real Time

Stop being a passive listener to what your visitors/customers want. Loopround allows you to do the following actions on feedback:

  • Stay engaged easily and quickly by replying to feedback.
  • Tag feedback to stay organized.
  • Archive old/unwanted feedback.
  • Act on the feedback immediately.

Decide Your Future Actions

With Loopround, you can decide what action to take on the feedback, using “Do Now” or “Do Later” tabs. To prioritize, you can drag and drop tasks. You can even move tasks between the Now and Later tabs, and ensure quick follow-up by linking tasks to feedback cards.

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