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For any business to succeed, retaining a talented workforce is of prime importance. When you find talented people leaving your company, use exit surveys, as it’s important to find the reason behind such incidents.

Once you locate the cause, plan and take the necessary steps to encourage employee retention. With Loopround, conduct exit surveys with ease and fine-tune your work environment, operations or other factors to retain your talent pool.

How to Use Loopround

First, integrate the feedback button with your website or app. Next, create a feedback loop titled “Exit Survey”. Then email this feedback link to employees who are leaving.

Every feedback loop has its own form and inbox, so all your exit surveys will be collated in one place. Lastly, review the feedback to find out the underlying issues.

Create Customized Loops

You may even create different feedback loops for different questions, such as whether:

  • The work was aligned with an outgoing employee’s personal goals and interests.
  • S/he had the tools and resources to effectively complete the job.
  • S/he was fairly paid for the work s/he did at the company.
  • If s/he would recommend your company as a great place for a friend to work, etc.

Start fighting to win valuable employees back. Find clues to understand what went wrong by using employee exit interviews. Are you ready to retain and re‐engage your unhappy employees while bringing the ones you have lost back? If yes, sign up with Loopround now!

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