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There’s no one better than your former customers to tell you why you lost doing business with them. Feedback from such defectors can show you the specific reasons why they left and give you useful insight about your business that you can’t get anywhere else. When you know why some of these customers have left and understand what it will take to win them back, you can take those steps at the earliest to mend the situation.

Even when you can’t get them back, knowing their pain points can help you understand what many of your other existing customers may be feeling right now and fix the issues on time to retain them. With Loopround, you can conduct customer exit interviews with ease and act on the feedback that deserves instant action soon to avoid losing business from them.

How Loopround Can Help?

Once you have placed the customer exit interview button on your website or app, your customer can submit his/her feedback with a single click. As soon as it’s done, your Loop’s Inbox will receive a new feedback card. If the matter is urgent, you can choose to reply right away or move it to your “Do Later” tab. Once you are ready to act on it, you can move it into your “Do Now” tab.

Once the action is complete, you can archive them to keep your “Do Now” and “Do Later” queues tidy. By helping you streamline your customer interactions this way, especially the ones who have left or are about to leave, Loopround can let you engage with them and turn their feedback into valuable action.

Create Customized Loops

You may even create customized loops to cover common problem areas by asking questions like these whenever you lose a customer

  • What did you like about our product/service?
  • What didn’t you like about our product/service?
  • What is your reason for no longer doing business with us?
  • What would’ve prevented you from leaving?

After your customers leave, you need to start fighting to win them back. An important step in this process is to find clues to understand what went wrong. This is where customer exit interviews help. At times, you may find that your customer’s business/present situation has changed, which now requires some other products/services. If you can fine‐tune your solutions to suit those new needs or have ideas to come up with newer, better products/services, you will have a real shot at bringing them back into the fold.

So, are you ready to retain and re‐engage your unhappy customers while bringing the ones you have lost back? If yes, it’s time to say “Hello” to Loopround!

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