Here's how it works:

  • 1. You customer submits some feedback
  • 2. A new feedback card gets posted to your Loop's Inbox
  • 3. You decide to reply, do now, do later or archive.

Take the Tour:

Gather feedback from customers, users, staff or even friends.

Create a feedback Loop for your company website, web app, product or even a personal project.

  • Every feedback Loop has its own form and inbox
  • Embed the feedback form & button on your website
  • Collaborate with team members in real time

Reply, tag, archive and act on feedback instantly.

Don't just listen to your customers. Engage with them! Loopround is perfect for turning feedback into action.

  • Reply to feedback with the click of a button
  • Tag feedback with Loopround's robust tag engine
  • Archive old or unwanted feedback

Act fast on feedback and build a task list for now or later

Loopround uses a simple "Now or Later" approach to task management, letting you focus on today's list of tasks while still planning for tomorrow.

  • Link tasks to feedback cards for easy followup
  • Drag and drop tasks for simple prioritization
  • Tag tasks and move between Now and Later

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